• To work in an environment that challenges my creativity and nurtures my love to learn, coupled
with streamlining work flow for a company.


Skill Set

• Extensive experience in InDesign, Quark, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat (Distiller), Flash,
Premiere, Audacity.

• Mid-level experience in Final Cut Pro HD, Adobe Premiere & fundamental experience in Adobe
After Effects, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Soundbooth, Encore, Joomla, HTML, CSS

• Proficient in Microsoft Office, Open Office & Google Documents applications

• Comfortable in both Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX environments



Games By Play Date, LLC. (Founder & Designer) November 2012 – Present

• Came in third place in the Dyn Inc. Launch contest with a video pitch I produced from scratch.

• Have taken on several marketing roles for the company including writing press releases,
networking and producing PR using both social and conventional media.

• Designed and collaborated on several board games, complete with art and rulebooks.

• Organized and managed several events, from our monthly Play Date events where I teach kids
how to play games to the first New Hampshire Game Jam, a 36 hour game design contest.

• Managed several social media facets, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Drive
(for media sharing purposes).


Cummings Printing, LLC. (Prepress Specialist)           July 2010 – Present

• Prepped magazines, catalogs and brochures before going to press.

• Mastered the web-to-print Kodak Prinergy system and supported the customer base using it.

• Helped structure work flows for maximum efficiency and minimal error rates.

• Managed changes to the prepress section of using Joomla and CSS.

• Learned the technical side of printing including digital and conventional plate making, press
techniques and imposition.


Allen Datagraph Systems Inc. (Graphics Specialist)       Sept. 2007 – July 2010

• Was a key player involved in the decisions of sales and marketing strategies.

• Designed magazine ads, logos, labels and marketing materials which are now key components
of ADSI’s image.

• Traveled the world and trained customers in Adobe Illustrator and ADSI’s diecutting technology.

• Initiated and wrote the company’s first press release about a new product.

• Fielded tech support calls from around the world at any hour over the phone, email, Skype and
Skype Video.

• Wrote, shot and produced professional looking videos for new products and training.

• Became the production manager of ADSI’s custom labeling venture.

• Became an IT Specialist on top of my other duties.


Wonka Vision (national publication); Philadelphia, PA (Staff Writer)      Oct. 2005 – 2010

• Writing feature stories and interviewing many different musical artists.


Manchester Hippo Press; Manchester, NH (Production Artist)     Sept. 2004 – Sept. 2007

• Was awarded 2nd and 3rd place by the New Hampshire Press Association for black & white ad
design in 2006.

• Created and managed a system for the classifieds section of two news print publications.

• Was the sole designer in putting together a daily paper two nights a week.

• Became the production manager of the local men’s magazine, The Oxx.

• Played a key role in producing all Hippo Press publications between from 2003 to 2007, including
execution decisions, strategies and problem solving.


Innovative Realty; Derry, NH     Aug. 2005 – March 2006

• Freelance ad building and changes for regional newspapers


Beliveau & Fradette P.A.; Manchester, NH         July 2001 – Jan. 2005

• Responsible for file management using Microsoft Excel

• Office assistant duties including courier service, bank deposits, correspondence management


Freelance Writing

• Verbicide Magazine – Features with recording artists

• – Essays related to pop culture.

• Various New Hampshire newspapers



Southern New Hampshire University; Manchester, NH

• Bachelor of Arts – May 2005

• Major: New Media, concentrations in graphic design and writing.



• Available upon request



  1. Sandy Furman

    I bought a DVD through from you on Nov. 13. It was shipped quickly out and all seemed fine…until I opened the clear plastic pocket recently to actually do the DC Home Workout (CD and Book). The CD has a deep crack across the disc on both sides of the center circle. My DVD would not even begin to spin. I am hoping this is not a common event for people doing business with YOU. I thought I would contact you before writing a poor review for about you. I believe in giving you the opportunity to satisfy this customer and be sure that this does not happen to other trusting customers. It this item had been a Christmas gift for another, I would have been VERY DISAPPOINTED!

    • Dan

      Hi Sandy! I’m not sure what led you to my blog, but be assured, I have no idea what DVD you speak of. This is my résumé website, for I am a lowly designer and technical writer and have nothing to do with DVD sales. My guess is that you were led here by Google search of another company name, yes? Perhaps, associated with Amazon?

      If so, you have unfortunately been the victim of a scam. A certain vendor has been filtering traffic through my website and there’s not a lot I can do about it. I’ve been dealing with this anomaly for the past month and you aren’t the first dissatisfied customer I’ve seen come my way. There isn’t anything I can do for you. If you would like to discuss it further, please email me at


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