My Good Good Manchester T-shirts

One of the proprietors of the local arts, entertainment and news site, My Good Good Manchester, asked me to design some locally themed shirts for them. You can actually purchase said shirts here.



League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen

A nascent ladies’ comic book discussion group approached me about designing a poster for their monthly gatherings. How could I say no?


NH Game Jam press release

36 hours to design a game?! You bet your ass this event needed a press release. The New Hampshire Game Jam is a 36 hour event where designers, developers, artists and creatives of all disciplines are encouraged to come together and design a game from start to finish in the span of a weekend. Games by Play Date, the abi hub and The Hippo Press are coming together to organize the whole thing. I wrote this press release and distributed it to several local media outlets.


Dyn Inc LAUNCH contest video

My new company, Games By Play Date, entered into the Dyn Inc Launch Contest where New England based startup companies were encouraged to submit video pitches describing what their company is all about. We came in 3rd place with this video that I put together.

The Played Out podcast


We put together this podcast about the design and impact of games. Lots of creative process shop talk. From the website:

Games By Play Date presents the Played Out podcast, a show about tabletop and board games, their design and the overall impact they have on people and the community. Subscribe to us on iTunes or here’s the raw RSS feed, if that is your thing.

Episode #1 – Hosts, Glenn, Meg and Dan, introduce themselves and discuss what Games By Playdate is doing and why.


No Correction Ribbon

No Correction Ribbon is another receptacle for my mental oversplash. Originally, I had intended to write random pieces of flash fiction and post them on an anonymous Tumblr account, but decided that wasn’t interesting. Instead, using an old typewriter I obtained recently, I began fleshing out short pieces of flash fiction on paper, taking pictures of said pieces and posting them on the Tumblr like so.


The idea was that I had no ability to backspace, or edit what I had written and the result was an unadulterated draft of writing complete with misspellings, grammatical errors, blemishes and all. Each piece is an interesting exercise as the machine forces you to linearize your thought process while thinking a few steps ahead, a far cry from using today’s wordprocessors where the story develops before you like photograph.